'ze Pmr is oveeeeeeeer!

A step to Syawal.


It's 29 Ramadhan already. You must be also realize how fast the time running right? Raya is coming. And I feel....... sad. This Ramadhan had change me. I'm a better person for myself now. Yay I'm proud of that! Maybe I cant be a perfect daughter, sister, friend, junior or everything. But I keep trying.. not for people around me. But of course for Allah.

Pmr is almost a month more. Looks like i'm not ready yet. Yes, truth is, i dont have a everyday-study. Just taking a last-minute-study and Alhamdulillah for the Trial result. Not good at all, but there's improvement. Almost all subject. All my praise is to Allah :') Hehe.

Haha kenapa eh? English je. Hahaha. So hi, I'm wishing u Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Pssssst, collect more the duit raya. Then boleh belanja dna! Hihik. And eat the kuih raya many-many lah, biar gemuk dari dina. Let me be kurus pulak lah^^

Untuk Form5, Selamat ber... ra..... ray..... tri...... a...... l...! Hihi. Goodluck in Trial. Then Form5 Tepces pergi Angulia. Eee bestnyaaaaaaa. I really miss Angulia. Boleh tengok sunrise, makan 6kali sehari and macam-macam lagi. Tapi jaga-jaga. Ada kakak garang kihkih

Take Care.

I'll paint a smile on my face for you to see.

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